Students – Get Involved!

These are some of the many activities Assumption students are invited to participate in:

Read, Right, and Run – Read, Right, and Run is a favorite at Assumption. This program challenges students to read 26 books, run 26 miles, and do 26 good deeds. Kindergarten through 4th grade meet after school throughout the year to challenge each other to meet these goals and run their final mile during Go! St. Louis's Annual Marathon in Forest Park, receiving a medal and activity book.

A+ Art Class and Cartooning – Is your child a budding artist? A+ Art drawing classes combine your child's love of drawing with the skills they need to improve. Your children will learn new techniques to express their imagination while improving their motor skills, patience levels and ability to stay on task.

Enrichment – Assumption School is proud to recognize and prioritize the importance of technological literacy as a key component for student success in the 21st Century. Fluency in science and mathematics form a basis for critical thinking and understanding of our world. As a result of this consideration, we make overall Enrichment a leading influence in and outside our classrooms.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) – promotes discovery, exploration, higher level thinking, collaboration and problem solving both inside and outside the classroom by seeking to incorporate practical, hands-on engineering and technology in to traditional science and math experiences. Our goal it to show our children HOW to enjoy this higher-level by experiencing it. Project based learning - Robotics, the Chess Club and Math Games fall within this category. By using Discovery Education tools, website resources like the Khan Academy and so much more, we are using technology, engineering and math beyond the classroom in 'hands-on' opportunities that allow your children to use their skills and nurture a love of these activities.

STEM Club – Weekly Building Challenges are based on engineering principles - for example:

  • Robotics FLL – The FIRST LEGO League is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students. It focuses on a different real-world topic related to the sciences. Each challenge within the competition revolves around that theme. The robotics part of the competition focuses on designing and programming Lego Mind Storms robots to complete tasks. The students work out solutions to various problems they are given and then meet for regional tournaments to share their knowledge, compared ideas and display their robots.
  • FTC – The FIRST Tech Challenge is a robotics competition targeted toward middle school and high school aged students It offers the traditional challenge of a FIRST Robotics competition but with a more accessible and affordable robotics kit. The ultimate goal of FTC is to reach more young people with a lower cost, more accessible opportunity to discover the excitement and rewards of science, technology, engineering and math.

Youth Choir

  • The Cherub Choir is composed of fourth grade students who love to sing. They sing mostly treble songs and church hymns. The choir sings every Tuesday at 8am for morning Mass. 
  • The Crusader Choir includes youth from fifth grade and up. They rehearse weekly and sing two to three part harmony songs from a variety of musical styles from traditional hymns to contemporary Christian music. The choir sings everyWednesday and Friday at 8am for the morning Mass. Also, we perform for many functions throughout the year including: nursing homes, tree lighting services, caroling, and special Masses. 
  • Instrumentalists: We encourage students who play instruments in band or who have taken many years of piano to contact Dr. Carlson. 

Drama – Assumption Parish offers several opportunities for middle school students to participate in play and musical productions.

Assumption Athletics

PTO Movie Night

Girl Scouts & Boys Scouts

…and more!

In addition to the elective extra-curricular activites at Assumption, we have many class specific events, programs and field trips to encourage students to Learn, Love and Live Christ.