Father Mark Whitman has been discussing the Church’s liturgical calendar with Assumption 5th graders.  “The goal of this project was to help the children see the connection of living in God's time, which is eternal and our time, which has a beginning and end to it,” says Father Mark.  “I wanted the students to see the connection of their own lives as a cycle, remembering important moments, as well as remembering important moments of Jesus' life. When we celebrate Jesus' life, we celebrate his birth, his growing up and his vocation to serve God. When the children look at their own lives, they also celebrate their birth, life and discover their vocation to serve God.” The calendars are proudly displayed in the hallways for students and teachers to admire.

Each of the grades that Father Mark teaches this year will complete a project aimed at connecting their life to God’s life. We are happy that Father Mark is a part of the Assumption family, and is able to meet with students to achieve our mission of Learning, Loving, and Living Christ!  


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