Pope Francis once said, "Education is not about knowing things or taking lessons but about being able to use three lingos; those of the head, the heart, and the hands."

The goal of our outdoor classroom is to offer an additional learning environment to meet our students' needs and achieve the three lingos of Pope Francis.  The outdoor classroom provides experiences that encompass physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development for all students of the Assumption Day and PSR programs.  Our certified outdoor classroom facilitates better social and physical development, improves fitness and well being, supports creativity and imaginitive play, reduces stress, and creates feelings of empathy for nature. 

Now, Montessori, Preschool and K through eighth grade, can collaborate and learn not only the basic fundamentals of math, science, reading and writing, but have the opportunity to pray the rosary, increase their faith and build a relationship with Mary while at the grotto. Multiple classes are able to utilize the Outdoor Classroom while simultaneously exploring and caring for God's creation through the use of natural Missouri plants and the  pollinator garden.

Our certification was provided by Nature Explore, a collaborative program of the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensional Educational Reasearch Foundation. It is the only CERTIFIED classroom in St. Charles County.

The Outdoor Classroom was dedicated in October, 2018.

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