Science in 7th and 5th grades

Posted on August 30, 2022 in: General News

7th Grade Science: Microscopes

Why is it important to learn about microscopes?
When it comes to biology, Microscopes are important because biology mainly deals with the study of cells (and their contents), genes and all organisms. Two years ago, Assumption invested in purchasing new light AMS-scope microscopes for our students. 
Assumption 7th graders started with identification of the parts of the microscope.  How to turn on the light, how to place the specimen on the stage.  Teams centered their specimen on the stage until it was directly under the low power objective lens with the light on.   They then adjust the objective lenses until they can clearly see the specimen.
Students were surprised at how sharp the image would become and how interesting the image became with the close-ups.
5th Grade and the Periodic Table
As a kick off to the 5th grader’s unit about Matter, students explored the content and structure of the periodic table by organizing playing cards. They were instructed to organize the deck of cards into columns (up and down) and rows (side to side). They were asked how and why they organized their playing cards and compared it to the periodic table.

Students learn that the periodic table arranges the elements in rows and columns. In the rows, the elements are placed in order of their atomic number. The columns form groups of elements that have similar chemical properties. For example, certain gases are in one column and metals are in another.
Being able to describe how each group arranged their cards, provided insight into the simplicity of the periodic table for grouping in columns and rows.