On Tuesday, March 26th, Assumption sent sixteen 7th & 8th grade students to compete with othert area Catholic Middle School teams in the Academic Bowl  held at St. Dominic High School. Our sixteen students were mixed to form two teams with  7th and 8th graders on each.  The total teams in attendance was 17 with  a variety of  trivia questions  being posed to all.  The trivia questions ranged from academia to entertainment. 


Here are a few sample questions:

This phenomenon is transmitted through all materials by molecular collisions. The speed named for this phenomenon is equal to Mach 1. What is this phenomenon, measured in decibels?

Who composed "Moonlight Sonata"?

What movie stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga?

Both ABVM teams of 7th and 8th graders, referred to as the "Gold Team" tied for FIRST place against other teams of mixed 7th and 8th graders. Assumption "Black Team" placed SECOND in the same category.

Assumption Gold placed FOURTH overall against 16 teams (many comprised entirely of 8th graders), and Assumption Black placed 6th. We could not be prouder of these amazing scholars. However, the most impressive display was not their vast intellect, but their humble grace and sportsmanship throughout the day. Our Assumption students conducted themselves in a mature and respectful manner to all, demonstrating the ABVM motto of Learning...Loving...LIVING Christ.