The 9th session of the Model UN for Middle School students was hosted on April 25th by Civitas, a St. Louis-based not-for-profit organization. The Assumption 8th graders attended the session, along with Mrs. Chassiniol, Mrs. Clasen, and Parent Chaperones.   Thd Model United Nations programs and activities promote active citizenship and world awareness for high-school and middle-schools students attending public, private and parochial schools.

The program encourages both adolescents  to engage in compassionate critical thinking.  Their hope is to reduce the rhetoric and raise the level of dialogue; thereby engaging more people in a constructive path towards fulfilling the promise of democracy.  In order for the condition of humankind to improve, it is important for students and others to be active and responsible citizens. (

Congratulations to Cece Johnson (India), Gracie Morisi, Payton Marstall and Kenzie Weisner (Greece) for being chosen to attend the Honors Model UN for Middle School Students on May 11th.