One of the ways ABVM hopes to facilitate educational success, in 2019-2020, is through our school library. First, our entire library of resources is now on the "CLOUD", with the ability to send links for students to research topics of a teachers choice.  In addition, the Library has been "weeded" of 500 books that were no longer being selected (these were given to a local Children's Hospital) and 500 new books replaced them.
Every two weeks, students will be visiting the library, as a class, to check out books and build a foundation in literacy and library skills.  The second goal is to provide STEM projects for the students. They will alternate their 30 minute class periods focusing one week on a library skill - such as choosing a "just right book" or exploring reference materials - and the opposite week furthering a semester-long STEM project.
As usual, books will be checked out for a two week period and should be returned (or renewed) at each library class. This program and curriculum is being developed by a team of parent volunteers who were former teachers and have a passion for supporting our school through literacy. The program will be facilitated by parents - whom we will refer to as Library Leaders - who volunteer to teach the class each week.

We would love to have all families be involved by donating to our library and STEM projects. Here's how...

There will be a box for any donated supplies at the front office. Our goal with this initiative is to support teachers and students by strengthening the love our community has for learning and bridging the gap between school and the real world by equipping them with applicable skills they can take home with them.
Thank you to everyone who will help make this a success this year - we know our school is great because we have great teachers, staff, and parents and a great Library!
But, most of all, we have great students!