Crusader - Our Therapy Dog

Posted on August 28, 2019 in: General News

CRUSADER - ASSUMPTION'S THERAPY DOG      will enjoy a second year as our favorite mascot and therapy dog!    Teachers and principal have witnessed the effects Crusader has on students and themselves. The benefits of having Crusader in the classroom and at school include: ●  Interaction with Crusader has been  promoting  self-esteem and focused interaction with other students and teachers. ● Crusader lifts the mood  in classrooms, often provoking laughter, and also brings smiles to those who are around him. We have also observed Crusader's gentleness as our " PreK littles" pet him while surrounding him on a carpet.

This past February, Crusader celebrated his 1st birthday with our student body!  All students were seated in the gymnasium.  At the front of the gym was a decorated table  with a special "Dog Birthday Cake".  Crusader came into the gym and paraded down the center aisle with his birthday hat and bow around his neck.  Students were singing "Happy birthday" as he enjoyed the attendtion.  He was placed on the table, so all could see him, and two students presented him with his cake. He enjoyed every enormous gulp - while the students were having a "blast" watching him have a "party of his own" .
Crusader has learned to shake hands, roll-over, lay, sit, inside voice (soft bark), spin around, and crawl.  He is visitng our classrooms weekly, on Wednesday and Friday.  In addition, he stays in our counselor's office (Ms. Neiswander) and is available for some personal time with students, faculty or staff.
Ms Neiswander has scheduled classes with students Pre-K through 8th grade, and when appropriate, she brings Crusader.  He loves to lay next to her and watch as she and the students discuss topics from our Faith, Family and Friends Program.