Patrol Leadership

Posted on October 07, 2019 in: General News

Safety Patrol has been in existance for many years, providing safety to younger students as they cross at pedestrian walkways.  At Assumption, our 8th graders are in charge of morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up to stop traffic, allow students to exit the cars, and watch them as they walk into the school buildings.

Making our younger students be and feel safe is essential, and because of this a bond has developed between Alex (8th Grade Patrol) - and Brady (PreK student).   Each morning, Brady exits his car in anticipation of Alex meeting him.  Alex walks him to the Early Childhood Building just to make sure Brady has made it safely to the building.

Building relationships is all part of our mission at Assumption.  We say we transform students through the power of faith and education, then inspire them to bring Christ to the world.  It seems as though Alex "gets"  our mission as he is modeling Christ for Brady.  Sometimes it is the small things in life that mean the most!


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