6th Grade Camp - We are on the way!

Posted on October 09, 2019 in: General News

Assumption Sixth graders will enjoy a full, enriching outdoor education and team building program consisting of group daytime activities and whole grade level evening activities. They will work with Camp Counselors  as well as, some familiar faces from our school - Mrs. Cronin, Mrs. Kroeger, and Mrs. Kleckner and some courageous parent volunteers.   This marks our 18th year tradition at Assumption, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience camp with all classmates and teachers. Many ABVM grads site this as one of their best experiences. 
Our three (3) day program begins with the bus ride to Camp on a beautiful Fall morning, where parents watch as they leave for the great outdoors!   With  Backpacks, luggage, and snacks in hand, the troupe of 6th graders wave goodbye.   Upon arrival, the campers are introduced to their camp counselors, provided the "overview" of their experience , and are moved into their cabins.
Each student is part of a group that will be assigned daily duties:  set up for lunch in the mess hall or clean-up after lunch.   Our program includes a rotation of the The Pines Wall Climb (Pike's Peak) and Zip Line, Archery, Water Ecology, Geocaching, Exploring the Mud Cave, Survival Hike, and the Horse Trail Ride.  There are other team-building activities, with evening camp fires, roasted marshmallows, and  singing.



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