Three ABVM students, Mia Felix, Cooper Lawrence, and Mariah Lewis, respectively, were honored as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the "What it means to be a Veteran" Contest sponsored by the St. Barnabas Men's Club.   Based on a maximum of 100 words, there were over 80 contestants, all needing to be concise and meaningful in their understanding and value of  veterans.  The awards ceremony was hosted by the Veterans' Museum of O'Fallon at 800 East Elm, a newly designed location for this memorial to veterans.  Several veterans were present at the ceremony, where each winning student's essay was read.  Mayor Hennessey provided congratulatory remarks and veterans praising the thoughtfulness of each essay.  The St. Barbabas Men's Club honored Mia with a first place ribbon and a check for $100, Cooper with a 2nd place ribbon and $50, and Mariah  with $25 and her 3rd place ribbon.