Thank you, Omu!

Posted on November 11, 2019 in: General News

     Read for the Record is a national program that encourages literacy throughout the nation.  For the 2019 school year, the program selected, Thank you, Omu!,as their reading choice.  The idea is that each school across the nation have guest "readers" read the book to students and then follow-up with an activity based upon the concept of the book.  The Assumption guest readers were our Middle School students.

   Thank you, Omu! tells the story of a Nigerian Grandma ("Omu" means "grandma" in  Nigerian) who makes the most delicious stew, which simmers all day on the stove.  The scent wafts through the streets and because of this, varying people come to her door wondering from where the wonderful aroma comes.  She offers to feed each a bowl of her stew: a boy, a baker, a farmer, a poultry man, a milk man, etc.  By the days' end, she realizes there is nothing left for her. To her surprise there is a "Knock, knock, knock" at her door - with the baker bringing fresh bread, the poultry man bringing meats, the farmer bringing potatoes and carrots, and the others providing tidbits of a meal.  Together they prepare a feast and enjoy it as a community of friends.

The story ends with a statement, " The most delicious meal is one that is shared with others."

As a follow-up to the story, our PreK through 5th grade students created "Soup Bags" for We Love St. Charles, a non-profit organization serving the needy.  The soup bags included all of the ingredients to make bean soup, along with the recipe, a meal prayer and a note for the students.  Together our students will have shared a meal with 400 people in the St. Charles Community.