Mission Game Day 2020

Posted on February 26, 2020 in: General News

Each year, our 8th graders sponsor Mission Game Day, raising funds for a specific charity in the metro-area.  This year, St. Patrick’s Center – Downtown is the recipient of all donations.  Montessori Toddlers to 5th grade students participated in activities led by the 8th graders on the morning of Febraury 25th.  In the afternoon, the Middle School, grades 6-8,  formed teams to compete in a Trivia Game.

In order to raise money for St. Patrick’s, a raffle was sponsored with prizes of $200 for 1st, $100 for 2nd, and for 3rd and 4th  place, two students having a 1 week dress down.  First place winner:  Thomas G.,  Second place winner: Maddie M.,  3rd and 4th place winners: Marielle F. and Hayden B.      Throughout lunch periods on the 25th, all students purchased goodies from the Bake Sale to help boost the donations.

After our tally was completed, our students rasied well aover $1200. to donate to St. Patricks.


8th graders led fun activities/games with lower grade levels:


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