Veteran's Day Essay Contest

Posted on November 10, 2020 in: General News


The St. Barnabas Holy Name Men’s Group sponsors a Veteran’s Essay Contest each year at Assumption.  The group determines a question(s) which need to be addressed in the essay and requires a minimum of 100 words.  Spelling and grammar are important in the process of their review and selection of the winners.  Both our 7th and 8th grade students have participated this year’s contest.  The question:  What do the American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance mean to you?

Following the end of our Veteran’s Day Prayer Service, Mrs. Terri Violet, Alderman Ward 3 and Veteran hosted the awards, while Mr. Bob Stahl, Moderator of the St. Barnabas Holy Name Men’s Club presented the winners with a ribbon and a monetary gift from the Holy Name Men’s Group: first place winner a check for $100, second place winners received $75 and third place winners received $50.

After reading all of the essays, there were three students from each class who were chosen as winners.   The Eighth grade winners include first place, Brannac Jeffries.  Here is an excerpt from his essay.  “I stand and salute the flag for all of the people that can’t.  I do this to honor all those who gave their lives for our freedom.” The second place winner is Josh Giesmann who stated, “We hold the flag and the pledge so dearly because they represent freedom and hope.  Hope for the present and the future.”  Third place essay winner is Abby Woytus.  In her essay she commented, “America is what it is today because of the brave and courageous people who put their lives on the line to ensure our safety.  They made amazing sacrifices.”

Our Seventh grade winners were Colin Olsen – first place, Macy Collier – second place, and Belle Lutostanski – third place.   Colin believes that the Pledge of Allegiance is like a prayer to America, uniting everyone to trust God and unite all people in this nation.”  With the following words, Macy says that “The American flag tells us the story of America and the history behind it and the pledge shows that we care and respect our country.”  Lastly, Belle says, “When I salute the flag and say the pledge about all of the freedoms I have in America. I can be who I am without fear.”

Congratulations to all!


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