Each year, the Knights of Columbus ask our students to participate in a program known as the “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest.  Students throughout our school participate in designing a poster with that they believe best represents the theme.  On December 4th, Mr. Ken Thornhill came for the entries and a team of KC members will be judging.

Entries are judged based on grade levels, so the Knights might have Gr. Kindergarten and 1 compete together, while grades 5 and 6 compete.  From the entries this year, I can confidently say that students took the theme and “ran with it”.  

On December 15, Mr. Thornhill and an Honor Guard from the Knights processed in with our celebrant at the 8AM mass, then following mass made their presentations.

The winners of the 2020 Keeping Christ in Christmas Poster Contest are:
Winner: Ethan Heiss
Honorable Mention: Maria Cook and Alivia Huber
Winner: Claudia Woodside
HM: Melody Gagliano and Lizzie Lifritz
Winner: Mia Felix
HM: Caitleen Doriman and Makenna Swier