American Revolutionary War Project

Posted on February 26, 2021 in: General News

Studying the Revolutionary War is within the Social Studies curriculum for 4th graders.  For grading purposes, each student had to develop a visual project regarding a topic of that war.   Students had to choose between making a CAKE PROJECT- meaning they design a cake of Styrofoam or cardboard that has 5 “slices”.   Each side of a slide has a graphic and two sentences regarding their chosen topic.  A Pizza Box Report – where students created a pizza of paper with 8 slices.  Of course, they got to choose the toppings they wanted (Yum!)  Under each slice of pizza, they needed to include a fact about their topic along with a graphic.   Some chose to complete a Diorama – a 3D design for their topic.  There were several other options as well.  Here are some of the projects created: