Congratulations to Logan Szachnieski and Sydney Moore, 7th graders, have been selected to attend the Joseph Baldwin Academy for Eminent Young Scholars in Advocacy, Argument and Persuasion.  The Academy, which is part of Truman State University, runs from June 5 through the 26th and offers highly talented students a head start on their future university careers by allowing them to spend three weeks as college freshmen: they move into a residence hall, adapt to living with a roommate, eat dorm food, make new friends, attend classes, and work with Truman State’s faculty. The primary goal of the Academy is that students leave with an increased appreciation for the pleasures of education, intellectual engagement, and the college experience.
Logan’s course of study while at the Academy, Advocacy, Argument, and Persuasion: Classical Rhetoric in Contemporary Times, will allow him to learn the critical principles and practices of advocacy and persuasion providing a basis for informed involvement in the world around us. Sydney, will study, The Writer’s Craft, where she will explore the creative process, from generating ideas to shaping and revising, and will share her work with others—reading, performing, and publishing the collective and individual efforts. Ultimately, Syd will find out how her own writing process operates by learning how other writers work.

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