Because of donations made to the school from various parents and organizations, in the last semester of 20-21, Dr. Hensley worked with a group of students (Benji Boss,  Natalie Frazier, Molly Lawrence, Belle Lutostanski, Cate McCulloch, Colin Olsen) to determine ways to improve our school through the use of these donated funds.  Each of these ideas will be completed this summer. 

Our school mascot (Crusader) will be professionally placed in center court and the gym floor will be cleaned and re-waxed.  The committee let students select which mascot they wanted. (see below)

A “Graduate Honors” wall is being designed in the school lobby area which will have plaques for academic awards given at graduation.

Trophy Cases are being built across from the refreshment stand.

Mascot rugs are being bought for the entrance door to the gym (from the hallway) and also to place in front of the refreshment stand near the gym.

Rugs with the school logo will be placed at the school entrance doors (inside)  


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