When Assumption received the $331,000 grant to improve learning, teachers reviewed our curriculum and State standards to better develop plans for teaching.  Our teachers, PreK through 2nd grade, decided that a “STEaM” (STEaM refers to science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics)   classroom would enhance inquiry learning for young children.  Inquiry instruction encourages active (often hands-on) experiences that support building understanding and vocabulary, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and reflection.   Our  teachers will facilitate inquiry experiences by creating opportunities for their students to learn about the world through STEaM lenses and by asking high-quality, open-ended questions.   The location will be our previously used Toddler Montessori classroom.
STEaM integration helps teachers focus on content (what to learn) and processes (how to learn).  For example, a teacher could engage children in recording the weather each day on a chart and creating weekly summaries (three sunny days, two cloudy days) to support their learning of science and math content and also data gathering and analysis processes.
As students dive into integrated activities, they’ll see that the STEaM fields are seen throughout the world.   Students will also see that learning can come in many forms: asking questions, making connections with prior knowledge, gathering and analyzing data (including observations), and communicating findings and ideas.
We hope to have our STEaM classroom ready by September 15th.   



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