Two of our current 8th grade students were invited to attend the Joseph Baldwin Academy (JBA) at Truman State University during Summer, 2021.  This three-week residential program has an academically challenging curriculum for grades 7-8.   
Sydney Moore and Logan Szachniewski were chosen and their choice of programs were (respectively) “The Writer’s Craft” and “Advocacy, Argument, and Persuasion”.  After completing the three week session, each student received a letter indicating their performance while in the class.  In Writer’s Craft, Sydney’s letter included the following, “Sydney’s poem, “I Have Always Hated the Word Stop”, changed the way we practice the craft of writing. With all its cascading phrases celebrating and examining words and actions, pursuits and heroes, it had the faculty levitating.”  Logan’s letter after taking Advocacy, Argument and Persuasion, stated,” Logan was one of the Prosecuting attorneys when he learned about forensic (legal) rhetoric in class.  His case was, “Illegal trafficking of Baked Goods”, and his skills of argument, and persuasion were excellent.”
JBA offers a selection of liberal arts and sciences courses taught by Truman Faculty that simulate the experience of a first-year college student. JBA was created in 1985 in order to provide the benefits of a liberal arts education to students beyond its own undergraduates.  JBA is proud to provide an academic challenge to younger students that is truly one of the finest of such opportunities in the nation and significantly more affordable than many comparable programs around the country.
7th and 8th graders who are high achievers as indicated by GPA, IQ, enrollment in gifted courses, high standardized test scores, or equivalent measurement, qualify for nomination.  Students are selected by the Principal and receive applications through the school.
Congratulations to each of these Assumption Students!