You may be aware that our PreK through Grade 2 STEaM Lab will be opening in late-October.
But did you know that we are now opening an Enrichment Lab for Grades 3 and 4?
Tere Bowman, a new Learning Consultant, has a background that includes ENRICHMENT programming and has started the lab for grades 3 and 4.  
The ENRICHMENT Lab is designed to challenge selected students in deeper thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving.  Students are teacher recommended and will meet in groups of 2-4 for a half an hour per week.  During that time, students are given a mission to complete with Mrs. Bowman providing the process to complete that mission.  
The students in Grade 3 started with a “Rover Mission on Mars”.  This mission continues throughout the weeks and is actually a means of CODING without a computer. (A flowchart of sorts that will create paths to solve a problem).
The beginning mission:  You are driving the Rover on Mars.  There are only certain roads (WHITE and BLUE) that can be used to accomplish your mission. As you drive from Point to Point, you must write down the path.
(Example: given a different quest (not the one above), the rover would need to get from point 15 to point 23 you would write:  15     17     13        23;  assuming that this was the available route)
When trying the actual quest (SEEN ABOVE), the students pointed out that it was just “easier” to take the path from 7   9
But Mrs. Bowman said, ‘Sorry that path is not availablebecause it is GREEN.”    
The ENRICHMENT Lab will receive 5 new Chromebooks, which were purchased through a Grant. These will be used periodically to access apps such as Jamboard- a google app.  
Students enjoyed their first session and are excited to return.