Extra-Curriculars at Assumption

Posted on October 04, 2021 in: General News

Athletics, of course!  BUT… what other EXTRA-curriculars are offered?
There is no doubt that Assumption Athletics offer wonderful sports opportunities for our students from PreK through 8th grade.  But, oftentimes, people are unaware of other extra-curriculars that we offer to students.
Two years ago, we piloted and afterschool High School Spanish I class to our 8th graders at St Dominic High School.  The program continues today, with 8th graders learning Spanish I from an SDHS Spanish teacher.  At the end of the year,our students can take the final exam, and if they pass, they begin St. Dominic as a 2nd year Spanish student.
     Our Mad Science afterschool program offers interactive science experiments that foster creative thinking and problem solving. This STEM program covers a wide range of science topics and provide students with the opportunity to experience hands-on science.
Rosary Club also meets afterschool for all interested students.  Run by Mrs. Davis meets weekly to pray the rosary and discuss Mary, Mother of Jesus.
Our youngest students have afterschool Ballet   , Building Blocks Baseball    , and Karate    to choose from.   Learning agility, balance, and skills in these activities expands the horizons of our little ones.
Hip Hop Dance  and Yoga   are two more of our afterschool programs, with our grades 2-5 students hip-hopping to music and flexing to the sounds of birds and wind.
Our Crayola World of Design after-school art program lets students use art concepts and techniques as a way to interact with and learn about the world. Kids learn many art different techniques, like sculpting, illustration, painting, and textile artistry.
Of course, we continue to offer  our 7th and 8th graders Robotics and our Grades 3-5 Robotics after school.  For the youngest of our students, the FIRST lego League is the name of their program, while our older stduents participate in the FIRST Competition league. I’ll have more information on that in a future article.
Lastly, Assumption’s Student Council and National Junior Honor  Society   develop leadership skills for Middle School students and continue our mission of “bringing Christ to the World”, through outreach to community programs including St. Vincent de Paul.