Hands-on Science is essential in Assumption’s Curriculum. 

The term “science” encompasses a broad world of events such as weather, the solar system, animal and plant life and more. And while students will explore these niche aspects of science as they mature through the grade levels, it is at the elementary level that the job of the teacher is to introduce science and some of its categories to the students. It is best done through visual, hands-on activities that allow students to observe and analyze a particular phenomenon, while at the same time getting some entertainment out of it.

Assumption uses the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) to guide our science curriculum. These new standards represent a significant shift in teaching and learning—a shift from memorizing facts to focusing on thinking, meaning making, and deep conceptual understanding. Next Generation Science Standards and State Standards work together to provide students with engaging and enriched learning experiences.

Here are some of the activities happening in Middle School Science.

Dissection of Frogs in Grade 7


Grade 8 has creates Bio-degradable Plastic in Science Class       

        Creating Bio-degradable plastic in Science  class leads to the understanding that if companies would create lbio-degradable plastic,  the ocean and on Earth would be  significantly impaccted with less pollution.   

        Samples of the bio-degradable plastic with flowers encased.


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