Meet our 5 Robotic Teams

Posted on November 02, 2021 in: General News

This 7th grade team that has been together since second grade.  They competed two years in FLL Junior before competing at the FLL level in 4th and 5th grade.  Last year, due to Covid, they opted to sit the year out rather than compete virtually.  Members include, from left to right: Santi Felix, Luck Gandolfo, Grant Giesmann, Carter Boschert, Mitchell Begley, Henry Heiney, Owen Larkin, and Nolan Struckmann. 
Mentor: Jennifer Ganolfo
Robo Girlz

This is a 6th grade girls team that has been together since 2st grade.  They have competed at both the FLL Junior level as well as FLL.  Last year they competed virtually and advanced to the Regional Championship.  Team members include, from left to right: Charlotte Thomas, Danica Willis, Claudia Woodside, Addison Markelz, and Hadley Igo
Mentor: Nicole Woodside
Lego Legends

This is a 5th grade team combined for the first year together after competing separately for the past 2 years (girls, boys just 1).  This will be their first year competing at the FLL level.  Members include, front row: Teddy Heiney, Noah Kleckner, Justin Dowdy and back row: Meg McCulloch, Olivia Howe, Melody Gagliano, Bella Robers, Addison Coble, Anabelle Begley.  
Mentors: Travis Kleckner and Lauren Begley
Robo Dudes

This is a newly formed team of mostly 5th grade boys and one fourth grader.  They will be competing in FLL.  Members include, from right to left: Nicolas Yates, Wyatt Gibbs, Zak Summers, Aiden Markelz, Easton Miller and Guy Penn. 
Mentors: Jannell Gibbs and Theresa and Jerry Miller
Robo Dragons

This is your Assumption Robotics team composed of 7 & 8th grade students with a variety of years of experience.  From left to right: Charlie Roberson, Clayton Foster, Anna Kleckner, Audrey Meyer, Declan Jefferies, Ben Heckart, Ben Hembrock, Garrett Drohr.
Mentors: Travis Klecknerand Lauren Begley