Camp Lakewood and Assumption Students

Posted on November 11, 2021 in: General News

Each year, Assumption sends campers to the YMCA Camp Lakewood to experience education in the out-of-doors.  With the pandemic going strong last spring, our then 6th graders were unable to attend, so to make up for lost time, that same group – now 7th graders- have arrived at camp.
The classroom is a great avenue for learning, but stepping into the natural classroom with Outdoor Education supplements traditional education in a real and unique way.    Students are introduced to learning aquatic ecology, geology, team building and creating that perfect atmosphere for prayer, friendship, and camaraderie.

When the group arrives, they begin with orientation and organizing their cabins.  Several parents and two faculty members chaperone the group, but the Camp Leaders run the program and their associated activities such as Wall -Rock Climbing (wall below), zip-lining, and horseback riding.  Our students come back enthused about the experience and oftentimes find this to be the most memorable life experience they had in grade school.


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