The Knights of Columbus sponsored 2 contests , each with a monetary award for winning students, during the Christmas Season.  One was an Art Contest, where K through 8th students depicted their Artistic idea: “Keeping Christ in Christmas”. 
Keeping Christ in Christmas – Poster Contest Winners:
Grade 6-8 (1st) Caitlyn Doriman - $50 winner; Honorable Mention- Each $20 winner: Lily Hoermann and Santi Felix
Grade 3-5 (1st) Annabelle Begley - $50 winner; Honorable Mention- Each $20 winner:  Jackson Coan and Keegan Phillip (missing from Picture)
K-2 (1st) Lauren Supp $20 winner; Honorable Mention – Each $10 winner: Nora Reller and Meghan Saxbury
The second contest was the Essay contest with the topic being, “ Obstacles you may have encountered while living a life of faith”, for Grade 6, 7 and 8 only.  The 1st place winner from 8th grade (Zoey Igo) will have her essay sent to the National Essay Competition.   Here are some of her thoughts:
“Being a teenage girl, it’s really hard to remember that NOT everyone’s opinions about you matter. . . . Sure, I may not be the best soccer player, or the prettiest girl in the 8th grade, but in God’s eyes I’m perfect.  His opinion matters.  Hearing Fr. Nick’s homily the other day really made an impact on me.  He said, ‘The way you live your life is the way you’ll die.’ If people only take me for my looks, that’s their loss because it is what is in the inside that matters most.”
Essay winners:
8th Grade 
1) Zoey Igo. HM: Meah Phillip (no in picture) and Faith Gibbs (not in picture)
7th Grade 
1) Jacob Horstmann. HM. Lily Hoermann and Thomas Hughes
6th Grade
1) Gavin Willie. HM. Daniel Duffy and Sam Molitor

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