Cotillion Class of 2022

Posted on February 23, 2022 in: General News

You might wonder what Cotillion is, and why we would offer this program each year to our graduating class.   The 8th grade cotillion supplements Assumption’s efforts to instill respect and responsibility in each child.  The skills taught assist students as they prepare to transition to high school, including skills necessary for interviewing and attending high school and beyond.
The purpose of Cotillion is that our students become more at ease with adults, their peers, and most importantly, themselves, after learning to blend manners and etiquette with dance.   Melenie and Sarah Broyles of Etiquette Saint Louis teach the nationally recognized etiquette program to our 8th graders and  have been featured in the St. Louis Review and has been a regular guest on Fox 2, KSDK, KMOV, 550 am.
Cotillion was presented for 5 consecutive weeks and concluded with an instructional celebration Dinner and Dance at the Missouri Athletic Club, Downtown, on February 22nd. 
Etiquette topics included the art of conversation, proper introductions, importance of first impressions, telephone and cell phone manners, body language, sportsmanship, and consideration.  Also covered were “how to treat a lady”, good posture, public speaking, interviewing, grooming and social skills.  Importantly, they also discussed online reputation and provided cautions about Facebook and social media.
On the 22nd while at the Missouri Athletic Association, Mrs. Broyles assisted the cotillion graduates as they navigated with confidence through the dinner courses, and instructed them on proper dinner behavior including pulling out chairs for ladies, napkin placement, table settings and silverware usage for each course, thus truly putting their newly-learned manners in practice.
A dance floor and music were provided for the formal dance portion of the final event. The dinner and dance was very special to the students, and made many wonderful memories.   Parents were invited and encouraged to attend the wonderful cotillion dinner.
A specific dress standard was required for our final event, which is the same for Assumption’s Confirmation and Graduation.   Ladies wore a dress or skirt of appropriate length (2-3 inches above the knee, max), dress shoes and covered shoulders. Young ladies who wore sleeveless, strapless or spaghetti strap dresses were required to wear a sweater or jacket during the entire event.  While gentlemen wore dress pants, collared dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes. Jackets are desired but were not required.
Congrats to the Class of 2022 pictured at the MAC: