Mrs. Chassaniol and Mrs. Schenk join forces to create a wonderful CSI mystery.  Using Science and Social Studies, students in 6,7, and 8th were faced with a pretend situation:  a fire burned down the library.  Of course, there was the crime scene with evidence and the behind the scene stories.  Some students were prosecutors, or defense attorneys, others were police detectives.  Based on collected evidence, which included interviewing people (like the principal, teachers, and secretaries), taking fingerprints, using the science lab and comparing this information to the known facts, students identified who they believed was the arsonist:  Mrs. Sheri Cronin.

  Crime Scene

On Thursday, April 28th, the trial of Mrs. Cronin was held.  Judge Chassaniol _ a real judge – was at the bench, and witnesses were called.  Both sides of lawyers asked pertinent questions regarding the information.  Once the defense and prosecution rested, the jurors were asked to vote.   6th found her innocent, 7th ended in a hung jury, and 8th found her GUILTY.
The truth:  Mrs. Cronin was the culprit!
What an awesome way to learn about the criminal justice system and science.

Below: Judge Chassaniol,  Lawyer Gwen Briz, Sydney Moore, and Jurors