Assumption School Board Members serve in an advisory role for Assumption School. Members serve three-year terms and an alternate serves a one-year term. Both Assumption Parish and St. Barnabas Parish are represented on the Board.

School Board




Fr. Mitch Doyen Pastor, Assumption Parish
Fr. Zac Povis Associate Pastor, Assumption
Laurie Zaleuke Principal
Allison MCCulloch President '15-'16 through '17-'18
Christa Heath Secretary '15-'16 through '17-'18
Patty Bergner Member '15-'16 through '17-'18
Carl Gentry Member '15-'16 through '18-'19
Katie Compardo Member '17-'18 through '19-'20
Jennifer Finazzo Member '16-'17 through '18-'19
Katie Palmer Member '16-'17 through '18-'19
Cindy Swain Member '17-'18 through '19-'20
Ryan Dolan Member '17-'18 through '19-'20
Amy Chitwood Member '17-'18 through '19-'20