I won't have any children in Assumption during this school year.  Where will the money I earn go?

At this time, we can only give tuition credit for Assumption.  You have the option of donating 100% to the church, 100% to the school or designating another family to benefit from your rebates.

How do I maximize my earnings?

Have your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers purchase gift cards through you or have them fill out a Program Agreement and designate earnings to your family.  Many employers give out gifts at Christmas for employees.  Contact your employer to see if they would like to purchase these cards through Assumption to earn tuition credit for your family.

If family and friends sign a Program Agreement to designate their rebates to my family, do they also have to meet the $30 requirement?

No.  The $30 only needs to be met once per family tuition account.

Can I return a gift card that I no longer want or that was ordered in error?

No.  The company does not take gift card returns.  You may try to ask other families if someone wants to purchase it from you.

RaiseRight is offering a promotional rebate for a gift card I would like to purchase.  How do I ensure that I get the extra rebate?

From time to time, RaiseRight will offer an increased rebate return for gift cards purchased during a period of time.  It can run anywhere from 24 hours to a couple weeks. As long as your order was placed during that promotional period, you will get the promotional rebate, even if the school order is not submitted until after the promotion has ended