"Invite a Family" Incentive Program

As part of our efforts to bring new families to Assumption School, “Invite a Family” Incentive Program was created.

We are proud of the many excellent spiritual, educational and social opportunities that Assumption School has to offer. We want to spread the good news about Assumption and our research has shown us that the number one advertising tool to promote Assumption School is “Word of Mouth.” Keeping that in mind, we encourage you to “Invite a Family.” The best people to invite new families to enroll at Assumption School are our parents and students. Rather than spending money for expensive advertising, the incentive program gives current parents a tuition reduction of $500 if a new family enrolls from their invitation. Here is how it works:

  • Parents invite a friend or neighbor to apply for admission of their children to Assumption School. On the registration form, there will be a place to write the name of the referring family. When the family's name is written in, the registration fee will be waived for the new family. This is completed on the Registration Materials found under Parent Resources/Registration.
  • This applies for new students enrolling in first through eighth grades. It does NOT include preschool and kindergarten.
  • For each new family that is accepted, enrolls and pays tution through December, the referring family will receive a one-time $500 tuition credit for the current school year.

Everyone Benefits!

  • New families will benefit from the excellent Catholic Education and formation Assumption School offers.
  • The registration fee will be waived for the new family.
  • The referring family receives a one-time $500 tuition credit for the current school year for every new family that is enrolled.
  • When our classes are full, we optimize our school’s resources and continue to provide the best programs possible.