Daily Uniform Code

  • The goal is for the uniform to enhance student performance, decrease competition in dress, teach the students a level of professionalism, andis important to the overall discipline, and spirit of the school. Parents must monitor their children’s appearance and general attitudes of the latest trends and styles. Students attendingschool with unacceptable clothing, hair color, body piercing, and tattoos can cause unnecessary class disturbances. Noncompliance will be handled by school administration. Parents are to follow these guidelines and help to enforce the uniform policy so that the teachers and school staff can concentrate on the education of your child.
  • Uniforms are required for all students of Assumption School. Full uniforms are to be worn from the first day of school until the end of the school year. Parents are asked to cooperate by seeing that their children always wear only the regulation dress.
  • Uniforms can be purchased from Fischer’s Parochial Fashions or any other locations. It is requested that when purchasing uniforms, please purchase them from the uniform section of the store. This will help in not having too many color variations and will allow the students to continue to be able more colors than just white. Assumption Logo apparel may be purchased at A. M.

Fischer’s Parochial Fashions
3773 New Town Blvd,
St. Charles, MO 63301

A.M. Prints
717 Sonderen Street, O'Fallon, Missouri 63366, 636-272-1825