Assumption Preschool

Assumption’s Preschool is an early childhood program offered for three, four, and five-year old children. Kids arts and crafts

We offer a real classroom experience that is more affordable than daycare. It provides an environment of love, acceptance, and guidance in which young children, through individual and group experiences, have an opportunity to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Assumption Preschool Prepares Your Child…

…for Academic Success

Assumption Preschool students will begin to build a foundation that is essential to their success in preschool and beyond. These skills are taught by early childhood teachers.

…for Social & Emotional Growth

Assumption Preschool provides developmentally appropriate settings and activities to engage all children. We focus on helping each child develop a positive self-concept by encouraging individuality and respect for each other.

Assumption provides a Christian, safe, fun school setting to make friends and build social skills.

…for Walking with God Their Entire Lives

Assumption Preschool is a Catholic Christian faith-based program which provides opportunities to attend prayer services, Mass, and various devotional prayers. The loving care every child receives models a Christian way of learning, loving and living with others.

We provide a developmentally appropriate classroom to nurture your child:

  • Your preschooler will attend physical education, music, and X-STREAM Lab.
  • Preschoolers experience large group, small group and self-guided learning.
  • Guiding children throughout the day means having gentle transitions that don’t upset the delicate balance of the classroom.
  • Our facilities are designed for the needs of preschool students.
  • Every classroom has a teacher aide providing children additional one-on-one instruction according to ratio.
  • Assumption After School Care is available for Assumption Preschoolers from 3pm–5:30pm for an additional cost.

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