Assumption prepares children for today’s and tomorrow’s academic challenges. High school counselors continually say that Assumption graduates are well-prepared for high school. Our eighth graders applying to private high schools are almost always accepted into their first school of choice. Most Assumption graduates go on to participate in high school honors programs.

Science & Technology

Our teachers use technology correctly — to enhance the classroom experience. Assumption classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards which help students share ideas, think critically & increase their technology literacy. Our first through eighth graders attend science class three times a week in a dedicated science lab.

Atlas Curriculum Mapping

Assumption began mapping our curriculum in August 2010 and are eager for you to view what we do at Assumption to educate our students. Curriculum Mapping is based on the premise that knowledge is cumulative and should be built upon throughout the entire education process. You will see maps listed for the entire year, but know that only the current month is solid. The beauty of curriculum mapping allows the teachers to adjust the curriculum and units to best suit the needs of the students, so curriculum maps that are listed several months in the future may be moved, adjusted, or even replaced to help the students reach their potential.

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