Faculty & Staff

Assumption School is committed to teaching as Jesus did and living our faith through gospel values. 

All faculty are state certified and have education degrees. Several have Master’s Degrees and all participate in professional learning communities to bring best practices to the classroom. All teachers have or are working toward certification in religious education.





Fr. Nick Kastenholz Pastor Assumption Parish
Msgr. William McCumber Sr. Associate Pastor Assumption Parish

Administration , Faculty and Staff





Dr. Pat Hensley Principal St. Louis University: BS Mathematics; MA Education; Ph.D. Education Administration - Catholic Leadership Program; MO Certification
Mrs. Ann Marie Quan Director of Religious Education (D.R.E) University of Missouri-St. Louis B.S. Elementary Education M.S. Education Administration MO Lifetime Certification: Soc.Stu. 1-8 Sci 1-8 Math 1-8
Mrs.Deb Holmes Nurse RN; BSN - University Missouri-Columbia; CMA-C; RMA
Ms. Missy Neiswander Counselor MA - School and Professional Counseling; BS in Psychology; DESE Certified School Counselor K-12;
Current Search is underway Administrative Assistant for the DRE
Mrs. Angela Bigler Administrative Assistant - Attendance Secretary
Mrs. Krista Kenkel Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Deanna Carlsen Grade 1 Teacher BA and MA - Fontbonne University MO Certification: PreK - 1st Early Childhood Intervention Ed; K-12 Cross Categorical Special Ed;
Mrs. Ann Padberg Learning Consultant Grades 5-8 Fontbonne, BS; Xavier University, MA; MO Certification
Mrs. Teresa Bowman Learning Consultant Grades 2-5th MA - Education Technology MA Elementary Reading K-12 BSE- Elementary Education MO. Certification Elementary Education
Mrs. Gail Brakensiek Reading Interventionist BS, MA, Missouri Certification
Mrs. Lisa McDonald Pre-K Teacher UMSL, BS; Mo Certification
Ms. Jamie Burbridge Pre-K Teacher; Early Childhood PLC Leader Missouri Baptist University, BS; Lindenwood University, MA; MO Certification
Mrs. Kristen Collier Pre-K Teacher BA; MO Certification
Mrs. Dallas Spinale Pre-K 3 Instructional Aide
Mrs. Brittnee Watkins Pre-K 4 Instructional Aide
Mrs. Katie Olsen Grade PreK 3/4 Instructional Aide
Mrs. Sheri Cronin K-5 Science Teacher MA; BS; MO Certification
Mrs. Sandy Renaud Kindergarten Teacher Northeast Missouri State University, BSE; MO Certification
Mrs. Lisa Meier Kindergarten Teacher U.M.S.L., BA; MO Certification
Mrs. Nicole Wilmoth Kdg. Instructional Aide
Mrs. Angie Howe Grade 1 Teacher Lindenwood University, BA; Lindenwood University, MA; MO Certification
Mrs. Silvana Hutchinson Grade 1 Instructional Aide
Mrs. Mona Mudd Grade 2 Teacher; PLC Leader (Gr. 2-4) BS - Education; MO Certification; Google Certification Level 1
Mrs.Bess Kleckner Grade 2 Teacher BS - University of Wisconsin MO Certification - Elementary Education
Mrs. Jamie Welby Grade 3 Teacher St. Louis University, BA; Google Certification Level 1
Mrs. Carrie Fuentes 6th, 7th, 8th grade Instruction Aide
Mrs. Jessica Cook Grade 3 Teacher Truman State University, BA; Truman State University, MA; MO Certification Google Certification Level1
Dee King Grade 2/3 Instructional Aide
Mrs. Melissa Olexa Grade 4 Teacher MA - Elementary Education Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education MO. Certification K-6
Mrs. Jennifer Tecklenburg Grade 4 Teacher BS - Elementary Education - University of Missouri; MO Certification
Mrs.Holly Woytus Grade 5 Teacher; PLC Leader (Gr. 5-8) BS - Elementary Education - University of Missouri; MO Certification; Google Certification Level 1
Mrs. Haley McHugh Grade 5 Teacher BS - Elementary Education MO Certification; Google Certification Level 1
Mrs. Lauren Begley Grade 4/5 Instructional Aide
Mr. Ben Gliedt Middle School (6-8) Writing, Grade 6 Homeroom BA - Creighton University - English
Mrs. Jenny Schenk Middle School (6-8) Science Grade 6 Homeroom BA Elementary Education, MO Certification
Mr. Michael Quan Middle School (6-8) Reading Grade 7 Homeroom Bachelor Degree - Lindenwood University MO Certification Middle School Education
Mrs. Stacy Chassaniol Middle School (6-8) Soc Studies Grade 7 Homeroom University of Missouri, BA; MO Certification
Mrs Jeni Willis Middle School (6-8) Math Grade 8 Homeroom MA - Lindenwood University, Certification: K-12 Reading Specialist BA - University of Missouri-Columbia, Certification: Elementary Education - Math
Mrs. Joan Ryan Middle School (6-8) Religion Grade 8 Homeroom U.M.S.L., BS; Lindenwood University, BA; MO Certification
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