School Board

The Assumption Board of Education members work with the Pastor and Principal to set policy.  Members serve three-year terms and an alternate serves a one-year term. Both Assumption Parish and St. Barnabas Parish are represented on the Board.

Board Constitution

Board By-Laws

School Board




Fr. Mitch Doyen Pastor, Assumption Parish
Fr. Raymond Hager Pastor, Saint Barnabas Parish
Patricia Hensley Principal
Melinda Kruper Director of Religious Education
Carl Gentry Member '15-'16 through '18-'19
Jennifer Finazzo Member '16-'17 through '18-'19
Katie Compardo Member '17-'18 through '19-'20
Katie Palmer Member '16-'17 through '18-'19
Cindy Swain Member '17-'18 through '19-'20
Eric Pautz Member '17-'18 through '19-'20
Amy Chitwood Member '17-'18 through '19-'20
Hollie Sicking Member 20-21
Greg Bergner Member 20-21
Jenny Bardgett Member 20-21
Carrie Hopkins Member 20-21