What kind of education is offered at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (ABVM)?  ABVM offers a mapped curriculum that infuses National Catholic Standards and Missouri Learning Standards.  This authentic Catholic education provides robust QUALITY and a vibrant focus on VALUES.  It is education with a HIGHER PURPOSE.  Our mission is to transform each student through the power of faith and knowledge, inspiring each to bring Christ to the world.
Using aligned curriculum and best instructional and assessment practices, our holistic approach to learning, "MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT", is rooted in faith to engage students in educational opportunities creating successful, independent and motivated learners.
What characterizes Assumption is a commitment to the formation of the whole person. So faith formation and academic standards are the two-strands of a well-rounded education.  Assumption is like a  garden where students'  physical, moral and intellectual development is tended to with care and diligence.
Students at Assumption are invited to develop a moral compass, a set of values based on the Gospel to guide their future lives. The purpose of an education at Assumption is not just to ensure future economic success, but to encourage our students to serve the common good of society.
Assumption develops discernment AND critical thinking. It's commitment to the formation of the whole person requires deep learning and growth in wisdom. The purpose of this growth is not self-serving but for the good of others. Assumption is part of the mission of the Church, which is to to build up the kingdom of God, to make society more just, to create a civilization of love.
Our students will leave us to take their place in society and in many cases, they will be the leaders and policymakers of the future. Whether their adult lives are private or public, we want them to live that life to the fullest and to help create a better world, one which is more in tune with the values of Jesus Christ.
~ excerpts taken from: CISC (Catholic Independent Schools Conference)