Social Emotional Curriculum

The social and emotional needs of Assumption School are met with the Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline.  This program offers teachers, parents, students, and schools a way to cultivate virtue while repairing harm from bullying and other hurtful behaviors to build systems that implement a multi-tiered approach to social, emotional, and behavior support. 

Virtue Based Restorative Discipline (VBRD)

Goals of restorative discipline:

*Understand the harm and develop empathy for both parties

*To listen and respond to the needs of both parties

*To encourage accountability and responsibility through personal reflection within a collaborative planning process

Guiding Principles

*Jesus rejects an 'eye for an eye'

*What can we consider low, mid, high level incidents and low, mid, high level response


*Staff Development

*Class meetings

*Parent Discussions

*Building Community