Assumption School provides a solid academic education to students in an environment where Christian values are held in high esteem. Our philosophy is to enrich each child in body, mind, and spirit. This is accomplished in a multitude of ways throughout the school year.

The priests, faculty, staff, parents, school board and students of Assumption School hold the following beliefs:

  • Children, as creations of Almighty God, are to be respected, loved and cared for;
  • The children in our school have been entrusted to the faculty by their parents as their most precious gifts; these gifts, the priests and faculty, too, cherish very highly;
  • It is the task of our Catholic school, as a vital part of the entire Christian community, to aid parents in the Christian education of their children. To the priests, faculty, and parents of Assumption School, this means that our school must be a Christian Community: every aspect of the school environment must reflect the spirit of real Christian concern for one another; all educational programs initiated or perpetuated within our school must work toward the end that the students involved will be aided in good, solid Christian living at this time in their lives in order that in their adult lives and in eternity they may share fully in the love of God. Assumption School has an earnest commitment to integrating all pastoral and religious education programs into a unified whole. In our programs heavy emphasis must be placed on liturgical worship. We are convinced that children need to be trained in the actual practice of Christian praise. In the spirit of Vatican II and in the long tradition of the Catholic Church, our children likewise must be exposed to the solid doctrines of the Catholic Church and to its various moral precepts;
  • In justice to the students in our school, our academic program must be the best we are able to offer in order to help prepare the students well for their future lives. This means that while we value a solid program of academia, we likewise consider the teaching of religion and religious values of paramount importance. Special effort must be made to meet the needs of our students at whatever level each is;
  • As parents and teachers entrusted with such a challenging task as Christian education, we must be prepared, through academic courses, private study, and active involvement, to participate to the best of our ability in the Assumption program of child development;
  • The students, in a spirit of Christian charity and justice, are encouraged to assume personal responsibility in their education and also be furnished opportunities to service others. This service may express itself both locally and in the larger community;

In addition, the Assumption Parish Community has eight marks to live by as a member of the Assumption Parish; they are:

  • I will help create an environment where all are welcome.
  • I will respect the wisdom of long-time parishioners… and welcome the gifts of the new.
  • I will bring my concerns to the correct person, and in a respectful way.
  • I will encourage people to be their best, but I will not expect perfection from them.
  • I will participate at Sunday Mass each week, and pray regularly.
  • If I hurt anyone, I will apologize.
  • I will contribute my time, talent, and treasure for the good of others.
  • I will treat each person as I would treat Jesus.

We feel it is important that all members of our school community — priests, parents, school board, faculty, and students—review and affirm our mission statement and revise, if necessary, our philosophy on an annual basis. We also believe that all new members of the school community should be oriented to the purpose of our school by a study of both our mission statement and school philosophy and the various policies and practices of the school.