Tuition and Tuition Grants/Scholarships
We recognize that the cost of tuition may be a financial sacrifice.  Financial aid/programs and Scholarships are available from the Today and Tomorrow Education Foundation, the Archdiocesan Catholic Education Office and from our  Assumption Parish. 
Applications for financial aid/programs are available beginning January 18, 2022 and end February 28, 2022.  Apply here:  
Contact Dr. Pat Hensley, Prinicpal at 636-240-4474 or Mr. Mark Vogt, Business Manager at 636-240-3721 for additional information.
Additional financial assistance or adjustment of payment terms is required, please contact the pastor -Fr. Nick Kastenholz,  business manager - Mr. Mark Vogt. or bookkeeper - Mary Knapp  at 636-240-3721.

The Parish Finance Committee and the Parish Council of each parish determine the tuition. The tuition and payment options available are determined and included in the registration package for the next school year.

Our school is generously supported by Assumption Parish, but the primary means of financial support comes through our tuition.  We recognize that the cost of tuition can be a significant financial sacrifice, and all families of students are expected to share in the financial obligations of supporting the school. 


2022-2023 TUITION RATES:

2022-2023 Pre-Kindergarten Tuition 

4 yr. old MTWTF Full-time $5,830
4 yr. old  MWF Full-time $4,360
3 yr. old MTWTF Full-time $6,050
3 yr. old TTH Full-time $3,410

2022-2023 K-8 Tuition  (Payment Options below)

Children K-8 Tuition 
One Child in K-8 $5,520
Two Children in K-8 $8,520
Three or More Children in K-8 $9,660


2022-2023 Payment Options

  • To receive a 2.0% discount for K-8 Tuition, the full tuition payment must be sent directly to the parish office by July 10th. There are no exceptions – tuition must be paid by the above deadline to receive a discount.

    The full tuition without a discount, must be received prior to the start of school, which is August 15th, 2022.


  • Payment Schedule Table 
STUDENTS K-8 Tuition Paid in full by July 10 includes Discount  (2.0%)    
One Child in K-8 $5,520 $5,410    
Two Children in K-8 $8,520 $8,350    

Three or more Children in K-8

$9,660 $9,467    
  • Tuition paid with automatic monthly payments through the F.A.C.T.S. Tuition Payment Plan.  Payments are charged to your credit card or to your bank account.  The standard payment plan includes ten equal payments starting in July. An additional $45.00 processing fee is added to tuition.

  • Payment Schedule Table
  • Monthly
STUDENTS K-8 Tuition FACTS FEE Total Tuition Monthly Payment
One Child in K-8 $5,520 $45.00 $5,565 $556.50
Two Children in K-8 $8,520 $45.00 $8,565 $856.50
Three or more Children in K-8 $9,660 $45.00 $9,705 $970.50



PRE K STUDENTS Tuition FACTS fee Total Tuition Monthly Payment
Three year old's 2 full days/week $3,410 $45 $3,455 $345.50
Three year old's 5 full days/week $6,050 $45 $6,095 $609.50
Four year old's 3 full days/week $4,360 $45 $4,405 $440.50
Four year old's 5 full days/week $5,830 $45 $5,875 $587.50


*Your payment may be different if you receive grants/scholarships, etc.

If you enroll in FACTS after after July 15, the number of monthly payments will be reduced so that the balance is paid in full by April 30.  In this case, the monthly payment will be increased accordingly.