Assumption's Montessori

Infant-Toddler Program

We are a community of educators, parents, and children working collaboratively to create secure, loving, interesting and a safe environment for our children. We have prepared our Montessori classrooms                            with comfortable child-sized furniture, calm and active areas, and programming that provide children one-to-one interaction and independence as they develop a need for it. 


We are interdependent. It is our challenge to constantly grow with the child. We learn as much from the children as they learn from us...and they bring to our community an unconditional love of life and the world that energizes everyone. A Montessori education is preparation for life.  We are able to see the children as they may become. 


Dr. Montessori observed in children two natures.  She described them as two 'faiths' which uphold humans: faith in God and faith in oneself; these two faiths should exist side by side: the first belongs to one's inner life, the second to one's life in society.  It has become clear that implementing a model which so honors the spirit of Christ already at work in the life of the children is fundamental to our mission: May you find Christ here and bring Christ to the World.  

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